Rongtua Shipping Group signed cooperation framework agreement with China Energy Engineering Group

On the morning of November 7th, Rongtua Shipping Group was invited to participate in the "First Energy China Supply Chain Cooperation Development Conference & the Sixth Expo Centralized Signing Ceremony". At the conference, Rongtua Group received the "Outstanding Supply Chain Partner" award and signed framework agreement for logistics procurement cooperation with the host, China Energy Engineering Group(ENERGY CHINA).

Energy China is a comprehensive group company serving the global energy, power and infrastructure industries. It has been listed in the top 500 of the world for nine consecutive years, with business covering more than 140 countries and regions. It has successively undertaken a series of major projects related to the national economy and people's livelihood, adhering to providing Chinese wisdom, solutions and strength for the world's energy transformation and sustainable development.

Rongtua Group has 20 years of experience in international shipping and combined transportation. Rongtua focuses on international shipping, river-sea combined transportation, door to door project logistics, port service, container logistics, etc. Headquartered in Singapore, we have branch offices in China, Australia, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Indonesia, Colombia, etc. Its self-operated liner routes cover the main ports in Southeast Asia, the Bay of Bengal, India/Pakistan, PG/Red sea, Africa, South America, the Caribbean Sea, MED/CONTI, etc, with an annual transport volume of over 1000 shipments and a capacity of over 30 million tons.

In the past few years, Rongtua Group and Energy China have conducted in-depth supply chain cooperation in multiple regions including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South America. By working together to address various challenges, they have optimized processes, increased efficiency, reduced costs, and achieved mutual benefits and win-win outcomes.

In this excellent supplier selection, Rongtua Group stood out with its excellent service quality, efficient logistics solutions, and strong operational capabilities. This honor is not only a high recognition of Rongtua Group's professional ability and service level from Energy China, but also an expectation and encouragement for future cooperation between the two parties.

At the meeting, Energy China signed framework agreements for future cooperation with five companies, including Rongtua Shipping Group, German Siemens Energy, Norwegian Bergen Company, South Korean SK E&S Company, and Polish Depp Company.

Rongtua Group will continue to deepen its cooperation with Energy China in the future, always placing customer satisfaction in the first place, continuously improving service quality and efficiency, and providing customers with better and more comprehensive supply chain services.