• Corporate Social Responsibility

RONGTUA always keeps in mind the social responsibility of giving back to the society, while pursuing professional service and quick development. Over the years, we have made continuous efforts to explore in the fields of assisting education, charity and public welfare, and we also ensure the sustainability and deeper social influence of the charitable acts.

Donate to build the multimedia teaching building of No. 2 Middle School in Minxian County, Gansu Province: Rongda Candlelight Building
● Donate to build the teaching building of nine year school in Neixi Township, Hunan Province: Rongda Building
● Donated to the multi-function auditorium of Hunan Andong Primary School: Andong Rongda Auditorium
● Donated to the 4th Village Group of Tanjia Village, Qianling Town, Baojing County, Hunan Province to build a road: Shunda Road
● Donated to the elderly activity center in Wanghu Village, Hunan Province: Rongda elderly activity center

  • Shunda Road
    Shunda Road
  • Longshan Donation
    Longshan Donation
  • Aung Dong Primary School
    Aung Dong Primary School
  • Minxian Second Middle School
    Minxian Second Middle School
  • Rongda Elderly Activity Center
    Rongda Elderly Activity Center