Adhering to the global low-carbon and environmental protection concept

On September 19th, one ship of the new environmentally-friendly series of Rongtua Group, "HG NAPLES", was officially named and delivered in Nantong.

Leaders and representatives from Rongtua Group, Nantong Xiangyu Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd.., Huaxia Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., and Bureau Veritas attended the naming ceremony.

This vessel delivered is the first of four new environmentally-friendly ships built by Nantong Xiangyu for Rongtua Group.

These ships are 63,500 DWT bulk carriers, named HG NAPLES, HG BILBAO, HG BARCELONA, and HG REVENNA. These newly built ships are classified by Bureau Veritas and meet the emission standards of the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) Phase III.

This ship type is a brand product developed by Nantong Xiangyu closely meeting Rongtua's requests, with advantages such as efficient, energy-saving, and environmental protection features.

The successful launch of this new environmentally-friendly ship not only represents a new development of Rongtua's business, but also showcases the progress and advancement of the shipping industry.

Rongtua has always actively practiced the service commitment of "safety, integrity, efficiency, and economy" with environmentally friendly ships and high-quality products! At this stage, Rongtua is also collaborating with major shipyards with IMABARI of Japan, COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry(Zhoushan) Co., Ltd., and Jiangmen Nanyang Ship Engineering Co., Ltd., on new shipbuilding projects, and we look forward to the shiny debut of the upcoming ships under construction!