Rongtua Group helped the "the Belt and Road" 50 meter heavy rail transportation project

On June 27, the SOL HONGKONG vessel of Rongtua Shipping Group loaded a batch of 50 meter heavy rails and set out from Yingkou Port of Liaoning Province, starting the voyage to Indonesia.

This batch of heavy rails is to implement China's "the Belt and Road" strategy, deeply cultivate the Asian market, and support Indonesia's SUMBAGSEL high-speed railway project which uses 50m UIC54 fixed length steel rails.

On the morning of June 25th, the launching ceremony of the 50 meter heavy rail was held at berth 67 in Bayuquan Port, with leaders and relevant personnel from Liaoning Port Group, Ansteel Group, and Rongtua Group attending the ceremony.

In order to successfully complete the transportation, Rongtua Group, the carrier of the project, and the sixth branch of Liaoning Port Group who is responsible for transit loading and unloading, carefully studied the transportation technical details and jointly determined the operation plan after receiving the task.

At the work site, two dock cranes are combined and two loading crossbeams are used, using a multi-point lifting method for operation. The steel rails are arranged in groups of seven and lifted from multiple load-bearing points. They are stably lifted into the ship's cabin and then lowered parallel to the cabin, ensuring that the slender steel rails do not bend during the lifting process.

The 58 meter cabin of the SOL HONGKONG vessel provides customized storage space for this batch of steel rails.

Through multiple efforts, Rongtua Group ultimately completed the cargo gathering and loading operations of the project safely and efficiently, providing strong guarantees for China's advantageous resources in heavy rail production to go abroad and enter Asia and the world.